dochermes (dochermes) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen, Ellen Aim and the Attackers! (crowd goes wild!)

"There's nothing wrong with going nowhere, baby, but we should be going nowhere fast!")

STREETS OF FIRE was a 1984 movie that sort of vanished somehow. It not only didn't make money, it lost lots and has hardly been seen since. I haven't watched it myself in lo, these many years and remember it as basically a real long MTV music video. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. The soundtrack was decent, with Jim Steinman (of Meat Loaf BAT OUT OF HELL fame) giving the music a theatrical quality that was almost operatic. There was one hit song by Dan Hartman, "I Can Dream About You", and for years I didn't know who he was... I thought the song was really by the guys in the movie.

Anyway, here's Ellen Aim going full blast, played by a 19 year old Diane Lane (not too hard to take in any way).

Oh, that's not enough. "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young"

Okay, to be honest, the vocals were provided by Holly Sherwood. So you can think of Ellen Aim as a team-created character, like a Muppet.
Tags: babes, movies, music

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