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Some of those tourists on the Rainbow Bridge look kinda familiar

From the tenth issue of NOT BRAND ECCH (or is it NOT BRAND ECHH? I can never get that straight), Jack Kirby throws in some celebrities from 1968. Just, you know, for the LOLs. Let's stick the IDs behind a cut. Let's see, in the top left hand corner is Bob Dylan with his harmonica, and to his left is Chairman Mao (Mao Zedong I guess, back then it was spelled Mao Tse-Tung. In a few years, it'l be spelled who knows?). Down to his left are the four Monkees. That'd be Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith with the wool hat and Peter Tork.

Behind Bob is a random gorilla with a lollipop, and to his left is Muhammed Ali (then still known as Cassius Clay, I believe.) To Ali's left is LBJ in a Stetson, that's President Johnson, and the suitcase might be a reference to his finishing his term and leaving office that year (to be replaced by Nixon *ACK!*). Under LBJ's arm is an apprehensive looking Don Knotts. But then, he always looked like that.

Up behind the gorilla again, we find Jackie Gleason and to his left is none other than Doctor Doom (who hasn't changed much). To Doom's left is Mitch Miller from SING ALONG WITH MITCH (the TV karaoke before there was karaoke). In front of Mitch seems to be an enraged Aunt May in her best hat, yelling for Sore to get in line. And there at the bottom is our hero, Mighty Sore. He's Mighty Sore, all right, with the carpenter hammer and chicken helmet.

Back at the top of the panel is a typical brawny arm wielding a sword; could be just about any Asgardian I guess. Behind that arm is J Jonah Jameson chewing on a cigar butt and no doubt wondering why that lazy Parker hasn't gotten him more pictures of Spider-Man. Right behind him, resting his distinctive proboscis on JJJ's head is none other than Charles deGaulle. To his left is Al Lewis as Grandpa from THE MUNSTERS with Fred Gwynne as Herman.

Down to the Munsters' left are newlyweds Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow. She had an interesting shift in love lives, going from Sinatra to Woody Allen, that must have been like moving to another dimension. To Mia's left is some nondescript troll or ogre or something, he likely snuck in without paying.

Only a few more. To Herman's left is Senator Adam Clayton Powell, and down by his side is Bobby Kennedy (not long before his assassination, come to think of it..if this comic had come out a few months later, they might have had to redraw him as someone else). Finally, we see Kid Colt still on his horse and carrying a shield he seems to have picked up, maybe at a tourist knick knack booth. There's Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Baron Von Strucker ("HAIL HYDRA!") and of course MAD's Alfred E Neuman, who turned up in more unlikely places than the TARDIS.

And of course, today's celebrities will quickly be swept aside and replaced as their few hours in the spotlight fade. It won't be long before people are saying "Adele WHO? One Direction, was that a band or something? Was Justin Beaver a cartoon show?" Fame is fleeting, as what's his name used to say.
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