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So, what was the deal with those Mayan "elephant" carvings?

Could be a few surviving Cuvieronius. Cuvieroniuses? Whatever. Someone said the elephants are just stylized parrot heads.

Remains of Cuvieronius were found in association with man, and pieces of its hide and muscle tissue have been found in Chile: “The site has also yielded 38 small pieces of animal hide and muscle tissue, some still preserved on bones of Cuvieronius. Pieces of hide also were recovered from hearth areas, living floors, and wooden structural remains. Some pieces were still attached to wooden poles, possible suggesting the presence of hide-draped huts. Pathological and other analyses of these pieces suggest that they are also of a proboscidean.” South American fossils formerly attributed to mastodons are now believed to be Cuvieronius.

The related Stegomastodon occupied warmer, lower-altitude habitats in South America, while the smaller C. hyodon occupied cooler, higher-altitude Andean habitats. It has been C14 dated to as recently as 6,060 BP in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Trying to look into this, I get sidetracked into sites claiming with Incas sailed the Pacific or were survivors of Mu, and ancient aliens even keep sneaking in. Let me sift through the gravel for a gem or two.
Tags: esoterica, extinct creatures, history

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